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GD News June 2018

GD News June 2018

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Accidental Damage, Proximate Cause & Exclusions – Clarity For Insurers 

Page 3 

Ouch – A Liability Policy Doesn’t Cover Damage Resulting From Alleged Defective Works 

Page 7 

Obvious Risks & The Duty to Warn 

Page 8 

Court Considers Extent of Pollution Cover under Public Liability Policy 

Page 10 

Two Companies in an Integrated Business Operation Held Liable for Personal Injury 

Page 12 

The Cost of Labour Hire continues 

Page 13 

Construction RoundupIs Question   Security Of Payment Claims - Requirements For Supporting Statements  

Page 16 

Employment Roundup  Delay In Positive Action By Employer Resulted In A Valid Summary Dismissal Being Found To Be Unfair   Redundancy Basics 

Page 18 

Workers Compensation Roundup   WPI Claims and Deductions for Previous Injuries  Must Be Made Is Not Mandatory When It Comes to Merit Reviews

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