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Terms In An Insurance Policy – The Cover Can’t Be Illusory.

Class Actions - Joining Insurers.

The Transport Industry & the Chain of Responsibility Legislation – Changes to Safety Laws Are On The Way.

Changes to the Consumer and Competition Act and Consumer Protection Are On The Way.

“Wrongful acts” and “professional activities” – PI Insurer’s appeal dismissed by Full Federal Court.

Stamp Duty Relief On Insurance For NSW Small Busines.

TPD Claims: Correctly interpreting an “ETE” clause.

Labour Hire Licensing is Here.

Construction Roundup:

  1.  Laws to Protect Against Unsafe and Combustible Building Products in NSW.
  2. Security of Payment - No Judicial Review Of Adjudicators’ Determinations Unless Jurisdictional Error.

Employment Roundup:

  1. Engaging Contractors and Sham Contracting.
  2. No Stop Bullying Order Where Reasonable Management Action Taken By Employer.

Workers Compensation Roundup:

  1. Noisy Employment and Industrial Deafness – The Fictions in Proving a Claim.
  2. An Employers Obligation to Provide Suitable Duties.

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Privacy – the new Data Breach Notification Scheme begins.

The insurance case with it all.  A guide to legal issues that impact on major property damage claims.

Challenges for Labour Hirers – Property damage caused by employees lent on hire.

The fact that a wet floor is slippery is an obvious risk but is it obvious the floor is wet.

Recreational Activities and Professional Sport.

Construction Roundup: The administration of construction projects.

Employment Roundup: Work Health & Safety penalties on the rise in NSW.

Workers Compensation Roundup:  Workers Compensation Payments, Negligent Employers & Recovery of Compensation Payments.

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