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Corporate Group Travel Insurance

As a Broker we have access to better quality products than the direct market or credit card providers may offer.

Corporate Travel Insurance is a relatively cheap and valuable annual policy designed to cover directors and employees of your company when travelling interstate or overseas for business.
It can include cover for:
- Unforeseen travel disruption, cancellations, loss of deposits caused by Insured events
- Lost, stolen or damaged luggage, passports, electronic devices etc.
- Evacuation as a result of political unrest, or natural disasters
- Unlimited overseas medical expenses, including medical evacuation
- Personal liability throughout your journey
- Rental vehicle excess waiver
- Kidnap & ransom monies reimbursement
- Accidental death and injury
- 24/7 access to international emergency assistance
Corporate Travel Insurance can also automatically cover the spouse and family of company directors/management when traveling for leisure. This makes it an incredibly valuable cover to include in your Business Insurance program.
* Please note the below cover features are a list of the more common sections of this policy type. It is not an exhaustive list of covers available. Some features may not be offered by certain insurers or on specific risks. This is intended to be used as a guide only for informative purposes.

Cover Features

Overseas Medical Costs

Costs incurred as a result or an injury, illness or other medical condition requiring medical attention whilst on travel.

Kidnap & Ransom

Provides financial payments in the event someone is kidnapped or the victim of an extortion attempt whilst on a journey

Luggage and Personal Effects

Cover for your lost, damaged or stolen luggage and personal effects. This includes cover for cash and credit cards if misplaced or stolen.

Benefits Once Home

Provides financial payments similar to income protection if a person suffers an indemnified claim, once a person returns from their journey. Includes extensions such as re-training for a surviving spouse or partner.


Cover for financial losses if you have to cancel or reschedule a journey. These events can include illness, accidents, natural disasters (such as volcanic eruption) and other unforeseen circumstances.

Personal Liability

Provides protection for an insured persons legal liability (negligence) whilst on a designated journey.

Injury & Death Benefits

Provides a lump sum payment in the event of a person’s death or serious injury whilst on a journey.

Repatriation Costs

Provides repatriation costs for an injured person or consequent upon an insured persons death whilst on a journey.