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Public & Products Liability

One of the most commonly heard of insurance products in Australia.

Public & Products Liability Insurance is designed to protect you and your business against the significant risk that an actual or alleged negligent act raises a compensation claim by a third party, for bodily injury or property damage.
One of the most commonly heard of insurance products in Australia, however, navigating the world of liability risks & policy terms, conditions, endorsements, exclusions & excess options, can be extremely complex and difficult.
Teamcare are specialists in understanding the risks your business faces. Whether it’s a product you sell into a local or international market or a manual service you offer to clients Teamcare, can tailor an appropriate solution for you.
Brokers house the knowledge and understanding of complex risk where the direct market may not have the products or necessary skills to guide you through this process. If it is complex or hard to place Teamcare is your solution partner.
* Please note the below cover features are a list of the more common sections of this policy type. It is not an exhaustive list of covers available. Some features may not be offered by certain insurers or on specific risks. This is intended to be used as a guide only for informative purposes.

Bodily Injury / Property Damage Cover

Legal Fees & Third Party settlements (subject to the terms & limits specified in the Policy Wording) for negligent acts that cause injury or harm to a third party.

Defence Costs

Advancement of legal fees being costs to defend a matter, as agreed with the insurer.

Optional Extensions to Cover

Extension of cover for Customers Goods and Consignment Stock held in your care, custody or control
Subrogation Waiver endorsements
Hold Harmless considerations
Contract Specific endorsements
Jurisdiction endorsements - Cover may need endorsements added to standard covers to satisfy additional risk exposures in other Jurisdictions either interstate or overseas.