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Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is compulsory for most employers.

This product is generally regulated by different State Government Laws, with the intent of protecting workers if they are injured.
Workers Compensation can be extremely hard to understand and navigate, understanding your position in one state is hard enough, though if you're working in multiple states cross boarder rules and regulations can be confusing. Additional Statutory obligations relating to Dust Disease & Common Law liability must be satisfied.
Failing to adhere to the rules and regulations set down are Statutory Breaches & can lead to adjustments of premiums, though fines and penalties issued by regulatory bodies.
Teamcare has a specialised Workers Compensation resource that can help you appropriately tailor a Workers Compensation portfolio which is right for your business. Reviewing premium rates, helping with claims management & assisting with the set up process is all part of our daily duties.
* Please note the below cover features are a list of the more common sections of this policy type. It is not an exhaustive list of covers available. Some features may not be offered by certain insurers or on specific risks. This is intended to be used as a guide only for informative purposes.

Cover Features

Set up and placement facilitation

FAQ to help you discover & decide on a variety of business and risk management solutions.

Specialized assistance

Intrastate or cross boarder state portfolios including extra cover for Mine Risks in NSW.

Extensions available to private state sector

Contractual liability & waiver of subrogation, working directors, overseas common law cover, additional common law cover, industrial exposures & dust disease extensions.

Claims Assistance

Prompt notification & lodgement


In NSW & VIC authorised insurers act as agents of Workcover. We can assist with initial placement but ongoing policy administration will be direct with the insurer. Cover is mandatory for firms paying wages in excess of $7,500 (from the first $1 in wages paid if trainees/apprentices). Working directors of companies must be included but sole traders and partnerships are ineligible.
In NSW a separate, scheme exists for work performed on any coal mine site. Cover must be placed through Coal Mines Insurance, we cannot assist with this.


In SA cover is provided under a statutory scheme administered by WorkCover South Australia. Cover is mandatory for firms paying wages in excess of $11,799 (2013-14 & indexed annually) including working directors. We cannot assist with this.


In WA, ACT, TAS & NT cover is underwritten by authorised insurers. We offer full placement and renewal service. Cover for working directors is optional in some states & mandatory in others. Cover for workers is mandatory from the first $1 in wages paid.



In QLD cover is provided under a statutory scheme administered by WorkCover Queensland. We can only act if authorised to do so in writing. Cover for working directors, trustees and partners is excluded as standard. Cover is mandatory from the first $1 in wages paid.

Legislation varies from state to state as does the level of involvement we can offer. The rules around cover for self employed persons and working directors also varies between states. Cover is usually mandatory and failure to effect or maintain a policy could lead to fines, prosecution or both.