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Landlord’s Insurance

Your investment property is a valuable asset and source of income. Protecting these assets is our priority. Teamcare has access to market leading Landlord insurance that is both cost effective and comprehensive.

Landlord's also become exposed to liabilities where third parties have actual or alleged bodily injury &/or property damage arising from your negligence. Public Liability claims against landlord's are becoming more frequent and can cost millions of dollars. Teamcare offers sound solutions protecting these exposures.

Additionally, most landlord's policies will not cover issues such as accidental damage by a tenant. However our covers go further to provide you with peace of mind and security.

*Please note the below cover features are a list of the more common sections of this policy type. It is not an exhaustive list of covers available. some features may not be offered by certain insurers or on specific risks. This is intended to be used as a guide only for informative purposes.

Teamcare will always suggest Accidental Damage cover and in nearly all instances provide flood inclusive options. However there are instances where flood cover will not be sourced or offered. You will be clearly informed if these options are not included.

Cover Features

Property Damage

Assets should be insured for replacement cost so that they may be replaced on a ‘new for old’ basis. It is worth keeping proof of purchase to speed up claim settlements.

Loss of Rent

Following a loss you may be liable to provide your tenant with alternative accommodation. In any event you will at the least, suffer loss of rent until the property is habitable.

Accidental Loss or Damage

This is better cover than insuring for loss due to ‘defined events’ perils that specify loss events insured & often have “limits’ to the cover for different home contents items.

Rent Default

Loss of rent in excess of the rental bond may be compensated for a specified period, if this element is insured.


You have a duty of care to your tenant & their invitees. In Strata Lots you also owe a duty of care to the Body Corporate & other Lot Owners. Failures result in costs for legal assistance & subsequent settlement amounts.

Flood Cover

We always suggest that flood cover be taken as there are many ‘run-off’ & storm water drainage losses that have been excluded when flood cover has not been arranged