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Professional Indemnity

Savings for Safety Professionals

Teamcare Insurance Brokers are the endorsed Insurance Broker for the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) and the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH). Teamcare are specialists in Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance for safety practitioners and endeavour to gain the best coverage at the most competitive rates. For over 5 years Teamcare has continued to negotiate on behalf of members to establish discounted insurance facilities. We have developed insurance programs to cover a wide range of safety activities from a start-up consultancy through to a well established business with asbestos related risks.

The protections provide money to pay your legal fees and claims against you for losses resulting from a breach of professional business practice.

This valuable facility is available to members of the SIA and AIOH at reduced premium.

As Professionals we need to properly asses our business risks. Regardless of how risk conscious we are, this does not stop third parties from launching action against you, thereby incurring costly legal defence costs.It is possible to lose the house, car and other assets by being included in lengthy legal proceedings that are clouded by the overlapping considerations of Employee Agreements, Unions, State Workcover Legislation, Trade Practices Act and other laws.

Teamcare Insurance Brokers can arrange a complete package of insurances for all your risks.

Asbestos Insurance Development

Teamcare has recognised the need for an asbestos related insurance package for safety professionals and as such, are one of the market leaders in placing asbestos related insurance. Feedback from many professionals indicated that costs involved relating to policies were extremely high. Following this feedback from members, Teamcare has designed an asbestos inclusive insurance package for professionals. We have established a facility with the worlds leading insurer, Lloyds of London to provide asbestos insurance at what we believe is the most affordable Professional Indemnity policy in the Australian market.


Insurance Program for OH&S Consultants

Teamcare has established a facility with CGU Insurance to provide reductions in premiums for members. CGU offers a policy which is widely regarded as offering the most comprehensive cover in the market and is often superior to many of its competitors. Whilst offering this wide-ranging cover CGU are working with members to design an insurance program which meets their needs whilst maintaining a balance with low premiums. The discounted premiums are not offered via any other brokerage in Australia . As such, even if your existing policy is with CGU you will have access to further reductions by coming through Teamcare.

Claims Made Policy

Professional Indemnity policies are a claims made policy of insurance. This means that the policy covers you for claims made against you and notified to the insurer during the period of insurance. The policy does not provide cover in relation to:

  • Events that occurred prior to the retroactive date specified in the policy;

  • Claims made after expiry of the period of insurance even though the event giving rise to the claim may have occurred during the period of insurance;

  • Any previously Known claims or circumstances that could lead to a claim;

  • Claims arising out of claims and circumstances noted on the proposal form for the current period of insurance or on any previous proposal form.

However, where you give notice in writing to an insurer, of facts that might give rise to a claim against you as soon as reasonably practicable after you become aware of those facts but before expiry of the period of insurance, the policy will, subject to its terms and conditions, cover you notwithstanding that a claim is only made after expiry of the period of insurance.


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