Exhibitors at public events require special insurance cover!

Have you ever entered an event for public display?

Trade exhibitions, market stalls or conferences. Promotions open to the public or invited guests and involving various displays are very successful in most cases. Organizers carefully research and co-ordinate these events to ensure their success. However the exhibitors, who generally pay a fee to participate are not covered for any liability or insurance of any kind by this entrance fee. Unless it is specified in the terms of the contract you would not be covered if somebody visiting your stall; slipped and injured themselves, or you caused damage to property.

Your current business or general insurance may not cover you at one of these events unless specified on your policy.

TEAMCARE Pty Ltd have a "Stand Alone" package which covers you for the duration of any exhibition or conference. Cover includes; Public and Product liability ($10,000,000), up to $10,000 for damage to your goods due to fire, flood, collision or overturning of a conveying vehicle, plus theft following forced entry to a locked vehicle or locked premises.

For as little as $350.00 you can make sure that big event is a great success.

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Policy Summary

(see The Master Policy Wording for full details of cover)

1) This Package provides Public& Products Liability cover of $10,000,000 during the period of the insured event (Maximum 14 days if not insured elsewhere).

2) And Damage in Transit risks in Australia for assets moving directly to & from the Event site. Payment of up to $10,000, market value of your assets, is insured if lost due to fire; flood; collision or overturning of the conveying vehicle & theft from a securely locked conveying vehicle. This specific and restricted form of cover excludes risks such as Electrical / Mechanical breakdown and derangement following transit. Wider "Accidental Damage" type protections may be arranged if required.

3) Cover extends to include theft of assets following forced entry into any locked premises used for storage during the period of Exhibition / Display (Maximum 14 days).

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