We are all aware of the need to protect our property using insurance for damage caused by usual perils such as fire and storms. The new policies available may also protect you for problems that may not have been brought to your attention.

Have you allowed for the following in your present Risk Management plan?

  • "Accidental Damage" policy wordings give wider cover than "Defined Events" covers.

  • Sufficient Sum Insured to rebuild the Property to "as new" condition after GST.

  • Removal of Debris costs for old Buildings (Extra costs for Asbestos or Polluted Sites).

  • Loss of Rent following an insured loss.

  • Extra costs to comply with amended Government legislation, local by-laws and changed building regulations in force at the time of rebuilding.

  • Loss of building value or land value if the existing structure may only be allowed to be replaced by a smaller structure or different zone usage.

  • Property Owners Public Liability properly picking up the Owners Liability for injury and damage to others and allowing for proper offsets agreed to by an Occupiers Lease.


If the Owner acts as an "Employer" ( Employees and Contractors "Deemed" to be Employees, as defined in the NSW Act for Workers Compensation) there may be a need for a Workers Compensation policy.