Insurance Packages for NLP Professionals

 Medical Malpractice Combined Liability Insurance:

committed or allegedly committed by or on behalf of the Insured.


 Insuring Clause A - Medical Liability: 

Covers Personal Injury to any client/patient of the Insured caused by a negligent act, error or omission

 Insuring Clause B – Public Liability:

Covers Personal Injury to any third party or loss or damage to the tangible Property of any third party as a result of an event or an occurrence happening in connection with the Business.

 Insuring Clause C – Professional Indemnity

Covers Confidentiality, Defamation, libel & slander, Dishonesty, Intellectual property, Trade Practices Act: misleading or deceptive conduct.
Underwriters will indemnify an Insured for Costs and Expenses incurred with the prior consent of Underwriters in the investigation, defence or settlement of any Claim indemnified by Insuring Clauses.

 Additional covers available include:

 “Fire, perils & Burglary” for loss of Business assets like stock & contents.
Loss of Trade Profits following a loss event at your business premises.
Laptops, EDP & other equipment, lost or damaged, while away from the Home Office.


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