Who needs Home Owner Warranty?

Any Licensed Supplier of Domestic Residential Building Works (Structural & Non-structural) in excess of $12,000.

Owner Builders selling a domestic premise within 6 years of construction or major renovation where works are in excess of $12,000.

Why use us for Home Owner Warranty?

Certificates of Insurance issued 48 hours from acceptance of eligibility.

Competitive premiums

Web based Certificate issue for selected Clients

Reduced information required for cover & renewals

Professional services & advice via Teamcare Insurance Brokers

What does Home Owner Warranty cover?

Home Owner Warranty Insurance provides the home owner with cover for:

Structural defects for a period of six years from completion of works.

Non-structural defects for a period of two years from completion of works.

Cover is applied in the case of insolvency, death or disappearance of the Contractor or Owner Builder.